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My Story


Kendra Stout is an avid people watcher and subsequently an animator. While at the University of Washington she received her BFA in Digital Art and Experimental Media and a BA in Anthropology. She is now pursuing her masters at the University of the West of England in character animation, finding a way to marry her first two degrees together.  She has a strong love of art, storytelling and human interactions. She strives to create thinking living characters that audiences can relate to through both CG and stop motion.

She takes a lot of inspiration from pantomime actors such as Tati, Keaton and Chaplin. She is inspired to make physical storytelling relying on body language and motion. She finds beauty in a flick of a wrist, a careful nod of the head or a meaningful eye dart. She tries to capture these fleeting moments in her animation.

When she isn’t completely engulfed in her animations you can find her outside. Anywhere outside in any weather. Mostly on the pitch with her ultimate Frisbee team. Or she could be on the side of a mountain, either pushing toward the summit or skiing down to the base.

Kendra is enthusiastic about life and everything it has to offer and takes this enthusiasm and applies it directly back to her practice.

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